ClearVision™ – Wearable Heads Up Display

Beechcraft King Air B200 with HUD and EVS-4000 ClearVision


Complete HUD & EFVS Solution

Global Aviation Tech LLC has teamed up with Universal Avionics to certify a next generation wearable HUD system on your King Air B200/300 aircraft! 

ClearVision™ is a complete Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) solution providing head-up capability to overcome extreme weather conditions and low visibility – both day and night. The King Air B200/300 ClearVision solution provides a Synthetic Vision System (SVS), Enhanced Vision System (EVS), and an innovative Combined Vision System (CVS), displayed on the pilot SkyLens HWD.

SkyLens is the only display of its kind certified today for commercial aviation. The HWD is compact and lightweight, and a cost-effective alternative to a traditional fixed HUD. SkyLens’ high-transparency visor provides unique capabilities with its unlimited field of regard, allowing the pilot to comfortably turn their head side-to-side and still see critical information required to fly the aircraft.

When the SVS is selected, the pilot has a 180-degree panoramic 3D view of the outside world showing terrain, obstacles, airports, and runways; greatly enhancing situational awareness during reduced visibility or nighttime operations.

UA’s high-resolution ClearVision EVS-4000 Multispectral Camera is composed of six sensors for a comprehensive and unprecedented multispectral coverage with the ability to detect LED runway lighting. The EVS-4000 Multispectral Camera adds to the operator’s ability to fly instrument approaches in low visibility due to various types of obscurants (fog, mist, rain, smog, smoke) to a safe landing and rollout.

This next generation technology provides increased situational awareness and safety to successfully meet any mission in the most severe weather conditions. Speak with a Global Aviation Tech LLC representative for additional information and to schedule your ClearVision Modernization on your King Air B200/300!

ClearVision system provides the pilot with functions such as:

  • Basic Heads Up display symbology for primary flight parameters that may include:
    • Attitude data (pitch and roll)
    • Air Data (may include Airspeed, Altitude, Vertical Speed)
    • Navigation information (may include source, deviations and flags)
  • Enhanced Vision imagery from an Enhanced Vision System (EVS) Camera
  • EVS-4000, a lower cost compact multi-spectral camera that includes one Infra-Red (IR) spectrum sensor and one wide spectrum visible light camera
  • A dual ARINC 818 fiber-optic connection to send video to HUD CUs
  • Can be used in Single or Dual Configuration


  • Skylines HWD
  • EVS-4000 Multispectral Camera
  • Clearvision OTF
  • Clearvision Computer Unit
Beechcraft B200 equipped with Universal Avionics ClearVision EVS-4000 Skylens

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