Global Aviation Tech LLC Upgraded EXCLUSIVE Kansas Installation Facility

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GLOBAL AVIATION TECH LLC (GATECH) is proud to announce it has been upgraded from a Tamarack  Service Center to an EXCLUSIVE installation facility in the state of Kansas. Expansion to the northeast sector for MRO services and Tamarack Installations currently underway and will be available very soon.

For GATECH, this means our Cessna Citation Jet customers, both current and future, will have an efficient upgrade path for their aircraft that will enhance their aircraft’s longevity and value. Tamarack’s Active Winglets™ increase range, reduce stops, save time and money, and boost flight productivity. These winglets, with their sleek and refined look, will turn heads with their ramp presence. This non-invasive installation reduces downtime and comes with a warranty and support for added safety.

As a full-service Part 145 MRO located in Wichita, KS (KICT), adjacent to Textron, GATECH provides a local feel in a lucrative industry, setting us apart with exceptional customer service and maintenance. Our capabilities for a Citation include, but are not limited to, corrosion repair, avionics upgrades, performance upgrades, and scheduled/unscheduled maintenance. Tamarack shares similar customer service qualities, making our partnership a perfect match that leave us wondering why we didn’t team up earlier!

Experience the benefits of our new EXCLUSIVE installation services and take your aircraft maintenance and support to new heights with GATECH and Tamarack.

CJ with Winglets and Collins Fusion

 Our core values have always been and will remain to be total company wide commitment to quality customer service that is efficient, affordable and above all fair. Providing a “Local Feel on a Global Scale.” For additional details, visit, or please contact GATECH at 316-425-0999.



“I was first introduced to this technology at last year’s Cessna Jet Pilots Association (CJP) event and was incredibly intrigued. After speaking with the executive team from Tamarack Aero I quickly learned that they not only have a passion for what they do but are incredibly good people with an amazing product. First being named a service center and assisting OEM’s with the Atlas System, and having a current client in for a Fusion Upgrade with Atlas installed, I knew it was time to take the next step in our professional relationship. 

Myself and my team are thrilled to become an official dealer partner with Tamarack Aero.  Centrally located in the Midwest we provide a cost effective installation location for Tamarack Clients.  With expansion currently underway the northeast sector will also be available very soon. This technology increases overall performance allowing clients to fly longer with less fuel stops enabling to truly get the most out of every trip.  As a dealer partner my team will directly replicate the level of quality, attention to detail, and speed set in place by Tamarack Aero completing installations in 10 days or less to minimize downtime for our clients.   In addition, we will also work hand in hand in identifying first in type model airframes to expand our overall reach.”

– Jerome Cottner, VP Operations – Global Aviation Tech LLC



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