Wearable Heads Up Display

ClearVision system provides the pilot with functions such as:

  • Basic Heads Up display symbology for primary flight parameters that may include:
  • Attitude data (pitch and roll)
  • Air Data (may include Airspeed, Altitude, Vertical Speed)
  • Navigation information (may include source, deviations and flags)
  • Enhanced Vision imagery from an Enhanced Vision System (EVS) Camera
  • EVS-4000, a lower cost compact multi-spectral camera that includes one Infra-Red (IR) spectrum sensor and one wide spectrum visible light camera
  • EVS-5000, a high end multi-spectral array that includes four separate cameras and a total of six sensors
  • A dual ARINC 818 fiber-optic connection to send video to HUD CUs
  • Can be used in Single or Dual Configuration
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Woody Cottner

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