Maritime Patrol

Global Aviation Tech LLC is partnered with NSM to integrate the SeaHunter 8000 Maritime Patrol Solutions into various platforms. The SeaHunter 8000 is a mission management system designed to provide clear and unambiguous situational awareness to the crew. With all sensor control and data collection being handled by the SeaHunter 8000, it provides an intuitive and standardized way of operation. Operator workload and fatigue is reduced through innovative solutions. The system takes advantage of the development of lightweight and compact sensors that makes it possible to use smaller and medium size cost-effective aircraft for airborne surveillance missions. The surveillance solution can be used for the following:

  • Maritime surveillance


  • Environmental surveillance, land, and sea


  • Oil spill and pollution detection, monitoring, and classification


  • Protecting oil & gas infrastructure


  • Fishery inspection and control


  • Ship traffic monitoring


  • Border patrol


  • EEZ protection


  • Search and rescue


  • Disaster management


  • Operational coordination platform


  • Monitoring and control of fire fighting


  • Assisting police and customs authorities and more.