Saturday, Oct. 23rd Public Open House Invitation to See Wichita’s Historic DH-4 World War I Airplane

DH-4The public is invited to an OPEN HOUSE to view the only aircraft in the world that is identical to the one native Wichitan Erwin Bleckley and pilot Harold Goettler earned their Medal of Honor awards.  

      same make, model and markings as the plane Bleckley and Goettler flew on their historic last flight on Oct. 6, 1918 in an attempt to locate, map and resupply the Lost Battalion.

      with an original Liberty engine, flight controls and instruments.

      contains about 85 percent original parts and components.

      meet and visit with the restoration team that will bring this plane back to flight status.

      1pm presentation by guest speaker Robert Laplander, Marine Corps veteran and author of ‘Finding the Lost Battalion: Beyond the Rumors, Myths and Legend of America’s Famous WWI Epic’ – the benchmark which all work on the Lost Battalion is measured.

When: Saturday, Oct. 23, 2021, 10am to 4pm

Where: Global Aviation Technologies hangar #2, 1410 S. Airport Rd, Wichita, KS  67209 (at the Eisenhower Airport complex)


For more information, contact Bleckley Foundation board members:

Doug Jacobs at (785) 224-1280,

Greg Zuercher at (316) 253-3806,

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