Here is an update for the Premier Elite Program.

  • Revised Estimated Certification Date – 4th 2020
    • Had to make a change in Vendor of the Auxiliary Fuel System Components
    • New vendor on board and working with GAT Engineering on Auxiliary Fuel System Components design
    • Implementing a design change which reduces part count and simplifies the integration
  • OML (Outer Mold Line) of Premier Aircraft Complete


  • Initial Analysis of Pre-Modified aircraft in support of Increase Gross Weight & Winglet Installation Complete
  • Winglet Shapes Defined



Initial CFD Wing Analysis with Winglets Installed, in work. Being reviewed by FAA DER


  • Auxiliary Fuel Tank Shapes Defined


  • Revised Auxiliary Fuel System Schematic

The Global Aviation Technologies Design/Certification Team has made outstanding progress thus far. The short term (3 Month) look ahead is as follows:


  • Obtain FAA Project Number
  • Complete Commuter Category Certification Analysis
  • Prepare for Baseline Flight Testing (08/19)(Pre-Modified Aircraft)
  • Fabricate Coupons for Composite Material Certification


Specifics about the certification program are available on request.

The program is very much an active program and GAT is committed to completing the certification program and providing the Premier operators a best in class aircraft with the range it deserves.