GATECH Completes ATG 5000 Installation on the Hawker 4000 Aircraft

Global Aviation Tech LLC, a full service MRO in Wichita, Kansas, has completed its first Gogo Biz® ATG 5000 installation. The target aircraft, a Hawker 4000 charter operator, who requested Wi-Fi functionality for its passengers.

The installation was accomplished during the scheduled maintenance event and was a clean, squawk free installation. GATECH Engineering supported the maintenance technicians for the functional testing effort. The system was powered up and there were no squawks with excellent Wi-Fi functionality.

The installation incorporated state of the art technology by utilizing 3D printing for the ATG antenna levelers. This technology reduced the manufacturing time which would have been required by conventional machining methods. All type design data was reviewed and approved by FAA DERs substantiated by FAA Form 8110-3.

The CTR is mounted mid-cabin and the ATG 5000 LRU is located in the aft tailcone. The system can be disabled by the aircrew with the ON/OFF toggle switch located on the Flight Deck. Pictures of the ATG 5000 installation are shown below.

A&P Mechanic Working on ATG 5000 on Hawker

Mechanic Working on ATG 5000 on Hawker

Air Cell

Air Cell

ATG 5000 Antenna

ATG 5000 Antenna installed

ATG 5000 Installed

ATG 5000 Installed

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